On day of 150 anniversary of the birth of Ján Čajak in VSCI were presented in the Epistle of Čajakovi

18. December 2013
In VSCI on 19th december 2013 were organized chamber evening staged as theatrical etude composed of several images.

The quotes from jan Čajak´s life and work was provided by screenwriter Annamaria Boldocka Grbićova and with her creative team tuned the event quite postmodernity.


Event consisted of several parts in which overlapped:

- His beautiful and fully relationship with his step-father Pavel Dobšinsky and Adela Čajakova Petrovičova (sister of Terezia Vansova);

- Untried theologian- for his political opinion and for fervor for Slovakness was excluded from the study of theology

- So he was punished - he became a teacher

Jan Čajak was forty years between Slovaks in Vojvodina.  He is deserving for the founding of gymnasium Jan Kolar in Bački Petrovac, he acts as activist in Slovak matrix and editor in journals Národná jednota and Náš život.

-Love: his wife Kornelia and childrens, Jan Čakaj jounger, Kornelia and Adela

Finnaly, he came in 21. century and he sees was he done for Vojvodina Slovaks and how are doing his descendants.



On this event was also present the president of Slovak matrix in Serbia Katarina Melegova Melichova, direcotr of Elemetary school Jan Čajak from Bački Petrovac Jan Brna.

The actors were Jan Žolnaj and Miroslav Babiak.



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On Wednesday, June 5th 2013, the students of Elementary School "Zdravko Čelar" from Čelarevo visited the Cultural Institute of Vojvodina’s Slovaks.
The winner of the 43rd folk music festival "Tancuj, tancuj..." is the folk music ensemble "U pivničkom polju" part of the Slovak Cultural Artistic Society "Pivnice".
On Thursday, May 30th this year, at the theater hall of the Slovak Cultural Artistic Society "Jednota" in Šid, presentation of the book Slovaks in Serbia from the Cultural Aspect took place.
On Friday, May 24th, at the Cultural Institute of Vojvodina’s Slovaks, a multimedia program dedicated to the Days of Slavic Culture was held.
Cultural Institute of Vojvodina's Slovaks and “Isidor Bajic” music school from Novi Sad, organized Marek Stupavski’s solo concert.
Current cultural issues of Vojvodina’s Slovaks and the RS’s support of education were discussed during the visit to the Institute.
The 66th solo exhibition of the naive painter Alžbeta Čížiková was held on April 18th 2013 in Novi Sad. This was also the first exhibition of naive art works in CIVS.
Signing of the contract on mutual rights and obligations of the founders and organizers of FF DD... and by first working meeting, the organizational Board began the preparations for this event.
Vojvodina Academy of Sciences and Arts in collaboration with the Slovak Academy of Sciences published a book about Slovak history in Serbian language. The author is an academician Dušan Kováč.
CIVS has won a special prize of the international trade fair in category of the edition achievment of the year for the publication called Slovaks in Serbia from the cultural aspect.