Michal Bíreš

painter of naive art
Bireš Mihal
Michal Bíreš
( 1912 - 1981 )

Michal Bíreš (Kovacica, 1912-1981). He completed four years of primary school and became a farmer. Bires became interested in painting in his thirties, inspired by the works of Martin Paluska and Jan Sokol. He painted rural landscapes, scenes from everyday life and portraits. In addition, he collaborated with the Gallery of selftaught visual artists in Jagodina where he held his first solo exhibition in 1974. Afterward, he had several solo and participated in many group exhibitions at home and abroad, including exhibitions at the event “Kovacica October”.

Michal Bíreš, Portrét suseda, 48 cm x 38 cm, 1979, olejomaľba