Slovak Visual Arts Prominent Personalities

Martin Paluška

painter of naive art
Martin Paluška
( 1913 - 1984 )

Martin Paluška (Kovacica, 1913-1984). Completed six years of primary school and three years of vocational school, becoming a locksmith. He had worked at the mill in Kovacica and married Alzbeta having a son Martin and daughters Maria and Alzbeta. Since 1931 he painted in oil on canvas.

His art was inspired by the nature, country life and Slovak folklore, resulting in about 600 paintings. From 1952 to 1985 he participated in the event “Kovacica October”. Recognitions for his artistic creations include the Plaque of Vojvodina SSRN (Socialist Alliance of Working People) for the achievements and great success in work of SSRNV building selfmanaging socialist society (1981) and the Golden plaque MKSSRNV (Local Committee of Socialist Alliance of Working People) received at the 30th “Kovacica October”.