Ján Veňarský

insitný maliar
Ján Veňarský
( 1928 - 1985 )

Јán Veňarský (Kovacica, 1928-1985). He completed four years of primary school. Became a farmer in his hometown and married Zuzana having a daughter Zuzana (married Lenhart) and a son Jan.

His artistic talent was first publicly demonstrated when he made wall newspapers in the army. Venjarski became involved in naïve art in 1954 and painted until his death, creating about 800 paintings. His favorite motifs were horses, nature, elements of folklore and country life festivities. Often he exhibited at “Kovacica October” festival. Among his awards, the Silver plaque stands out, received at the 30th “Kovacica October”.

Prevoz žita volovima, 49x79, 1972