Vladimír Boboš

painter of naive art
Vladimír Boboš
( 1906 - 1978 )

Vladimír Boboš (Kovacica, 1906-1978). Graduated from high school in Hungary and the Academy of Commerce in Czechoslovakia. He worked as a bank clerk and spoke Slovak, Hungarian, Serbian and had knowledge of German. Vladimir married Henrika and had a son Vladimir. Since 1918 he was painting and doing embroidery. At one time he lived in Sid, where he met Sava Sumanovic. Bobos had a key role in the development of Slovak naïve art since he was the first one in Kovacica who obtained art material (paints, brushes and so on) and began painting.  

Vladimír Boboš, Panónske nebo, 100 cm x 70 cm, 1975, olejomaľba

He was copying famous world artists’ paintings. Rather than naïve artist, he considered himself a realist painter. From 1952 to 1967 he held exhibitions at the event “Kovacica October”. Besides this festival, he participated in several collective exhibitions at home and abroad.